24 Apr, 2019

How to make money from your unused space

Make your home work for you by offering your space for rent for storage or parking.

Affordable storage solutions

You could start with renting out your cupboard or wardrobe, the more space you have the more you could be making. You can de-clutter and organise your home to make more space in the loft, conservatory or garden shed. People are always looking for affordable storage solutions because they are moving or don't have enough space in their flat or house. Students may be looking for storage within their university to store items for summer holidays.

My Hippo Space connects people with extra space with people in need of storage space.

Parking spaces

Finding a parking space can be stressful, especially if you are pressed for time. Our Hosts can list any parking space - single or double garage, driveway or private car park and set their preferred availability days and times. Parking charges in towns can be costly but with My Hippo Space you can book much cheaper alternatives, close to your preferred destination. If your parking space is in sought after location or near an event, you could make hundreds or thousands of pounds in no time.